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Stop the scrolling and "what if's" of flip design and get to the doing.  You can create stunning spaces that add value and maintain a sane budget.  When you know the small details that bring the most impact you can confidently design flips with zero doubt. 

Sell your flip for more when you make the right design decisions.

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Achieve a beautifully designed space that maximizes the value of the home exponentially. With the right decisions every home can reach it's potential.

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Feel empowered with the knowlege and resources to take any space from wrecked to rockstar.

Eliminate mistakes from your design decisions, save tons of time and keep on any budget.

Eliminate the "someday" or "I could never make all those decisions" that are holding you back.


Don't miss out on top dollar design returns with your house

With High End Flip Design Secrets selling a well-designed home quickly

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  • Planning a renovation + design where every decision was made with no waffling on decisions or redo's for making choices that didn't work
  • You are confident that not only will the reveal be stunning but that it will appeal to buyers and add significant value to the home
  • Excitedly searching for your next project knowing that you've got the framework for renovation + design success and are ready for the offers to come in


High End Flip Design Secrets

High End Design Flipping Secrets is the perfect guide for anyone who wants to tackle a flip with certainty. Make those high-end design decisions that will add value to the home and bring your vision to life.

What you'll get...

High End Flip Design Tips contains everything you need to know about creating a home design that impresses and adds maximum value.

(PSSSSTTTT...the bonuses alone will have you replicating some of my favorite flip spaces in no time).


Start off right with assessing the space and putting together your plan. Using inspiration and ideas that flow throughout you'll begin your vision here.


Including the exterior is key for value. Curb appeal is the hook but is just the beginning. Attention grabbing details set the stage for the rest of the house.


Plan any kitchen, bath and exterior to create maximum value. Using my proven additions and extras you too can design spaces that wow.


Where did you get that? Use my tips and resources to save time and money without sacrificing the impact of a well designed space. It's like I'm shopping beside you.


Where do you get the most bang for your buck? This list will help you choose key elements worth the investment.


Check out a few of my favorite spaces to guide your own design plans. I'm sharing materials and sources to make it simple for you to replicate these spaces too.

Ready to create + design your amazing renovation?

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That’s why I created High End Flip Design Secrets. For those who want the oooohhh's, aahhhhh's and offers on their flips without overspending and design do-overs.

Imagine doing the final walkthrough before you list your flip. The staging is done, the photos are scheduled and you know potential buyers will love this house. Well, I have some amazing news for you – it’s easier than you may think to achieve those designer vibes. And you don’t need an unlimited budget to make it happen.


I’m a real esatate investor + designer + renovator. I understand the feeling when deciding to invest in a tool like this. You want it to be simple. You want it to be easy. And you want results.

Everything I'm create is based from my own experience. I know anyone who chooses to purchase them and implements the tips will be able to schieve their own success.

That’s why I’m offering a 14-day money back guarantee. While I can’t guarantee that High End Design Flipping Secrets will equal a dollar amount on the return, I can guarantee your satisfaction with the quality of the information.

Of course, If you’re not happy with High End Design Flipping Secrets, I will refund your money within 14 days of your purchase. It's that easy.

What's standing in the way of you finally tackling a flip confidently?

You don't need a design degree to create spaces that sell. Design intimidation or decisions that may need a redo don't need to hold you back. When you have a blueprint and know you're doing it right, it's a game changer. And getting those high-end design details you see as you scrolling through work for your real life budget is a true superpower. But that's just the beginning of what is possible. Confidence in future projects, building a brand for quality design and even the decisions you make in your own home can benefit.

Hi! I'm Amber

I created this program because this is exactly the information I would have loved to had when I was getting started. Today I’m a Real Estate Investor and Educator who helps get a beautifully designed space that you can be proud of - and will add value to the home. But when I got started I had zero experience, a full-time career and a family. That made it challenging when it came to searching for the best design elements for my flips.

I had no idea what to choose for my flip. What buyers would like (or dislike). I relied soley on myself, some inspiration photos and a little HGTV. What I did know what that I had no time or extra budget to do things twice. I had to make the right choices the first time.

Since then, I’ve learned how to achieve a beautifully designed flip homes with stunning details that add value and attract buyers and offers. As an added bonus, these same tips can work in your own home too.

So don't wait. Get these proven tips and use them to create renovation before + after magic.

Why wait? Start the course now!

High End Flip Design Secrets is for those who want to eliminate the design uncertainty from their flips (or any home design + renovation project) once and for all.